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In vitro Shoot Proliferation for Rapid and Mass Production of Quality Planting Materials of Bambusa nutans in the Climatic Conditions of Bihar, India


  • Plant Tissue Culture Research - cum - Production Laboratory, Dept. of Botany & Biotechnology, TNB College campus, T. M. Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur - 812007, Bihar, India


Objective: Bambusa nutans is a commercially important bamboo. The current study was undertaken for mass production of B. nutans in the agroclimatic conditions of Bihar.

Methods/Statistical analysis: Axillary shoot proliferation through tissue culture techniques was employed for this study. The aforesaid technique is the only method for the rapid and mass propagation of Bambusa nutans. Bamboo germplasm grown in TNB College campus was used as the source of explant. The various sizes of explants were selected to find out the most suitable for culture in the climate of Bihar. In each treatment of hormone, experiments were designed in triplicate and standard deviations were calculated. Hormone free cultures were used as control.

Findings: Out of various PGRs used for shoot proliferation, BAP (cytokinin) was found to be the most effective. With the increase in the concentrations of BAP, there was corresponding increase in the number of microshoots. Maximum initiation was observed when BAP was used in the concentration of 3mg/l. For most of the species of bamboos, NAA has been reported effective for rooting, however, we observed IBA comparatively more efficient auxin. The present findings (bud breakage, shoot multiplication, in vitro rooting and hardening procedures) will be helpful for rapid and mass production of Bambusa nutans in Bihar. This is the first in vitro culture report of bamboo in the climatic conditions of Bihar.

Applications/Improvements: The result obtained from this study has now set a defined protocol for rapid propagation of Bambusa nutans for the state of Bihar, which can help to promote economic upliftment of rural people.


In vitro, Shoot Proliferation, Bambusa nutans, Mass Propagation, Bihar.

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