Volume 1, Issue 1, July 2012

Table of Contents


Lasing without Inversion in Three Level Atoms and Atomic Coherence Effects  | 
J. Saikia, J. Chetia, R. Changmai, G. D. Baruah 1-8
Total views: 682
Automotive Revolution towards the Carbon Free World  | 
D. Dey, S. Sharma 9-10
Total views: 630
Rapid and Mass Propagation of Economically Important Bamboo Dendrocalamus hamiltonii  | 
I. D. Arya, Baljinder Kaur, Sarita Arya 11-16
Total views: 1223
Charge Exchange Cross-sections in High-energy Proton-deuterium Collisions  | 
Y. N. Tiwari 17-19
Total views: 680
A Better Use of Wind Energy in Alaska and Applicability for Russian Villages  | 
Bruce Wright, Brian Hirsch, John Lyons 20-22
Total views: 681
Electron Capture and Elastic Scattering in High-Energy D+ + D(ls) Collisions  | 
Y. N. Tiwari 23-26
Total views: 620